Galaxy 4K Ultra HD Cameras

The movement beyond 2MP and 4MP resolution has begun. 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras offer the best video clarity and it is now becoming the norm in Television, Computer Monitor and Video Recorder. With 4K CCTV, you can see the maximum level of detail and clarity, zoom in on distant objects without lowering the image quality

Crystal Clear 4K Video 

Up to 3840x2160
Up to 12 Megapixels
120 db Wide Dynamic Range

Ultra H.265 Compressed

H.265 Compression reduces up to 50% storage space For More Recording

In other word, it saves you more money! H.265 is also called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), and the primary use is to reduce the design flow rate, in order to lower the cost of transmission and storage. H.265 is important part for 4K picture.

Save 50% Bandwidth & 50% Storage

Smart Analysis

Video Content Analysis provides useful information about your business
  • Face Detection
  • Cross Line Detection
  • People counting